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Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator Class Referenceabstract

This is the interface for the classes that perform the actual step. More...

#include <SensStepCalc.hpp>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator:

Public Member Functions

 SensitivityStepCalculator ()
virtual ~SensitivityStepCalculator ()
virtual bool InitializeImpl (const OptionsList &options, const std::string &prefix)
 Implementation of the initialization method that has to be overloaded by for each derived class.
bool Do_Boundcheck () const
void SetSchurDriver (SmartPtr< SchurDriver > driver)
SmartPtr< SchurDriverDriver ()
virtual bool Step (DenseVector &delta_u, IteratesVector &sol)=0
 This is the main algorithmic function of this class.
virtual SmartPtr< IteratesVectorGetSensitivityVector ()=0
 return the sensitivity vector
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject
bool Initialize (const Journalist &jnlst, IpoptNLP &ip_nlp, IpoptData &ip_data, IpoptCalculatedQuantities &ip_cq, const OptionsList &options, const std::string &prefix)
 This method is called every time the algorithm starts again - it is used to reset any internal state.
bool ReducedInitialize (const Journalist &jnlst, const OptionsList &options, const std::string &prefix)
 Reduced version of the Initialize method, which does not require special Ipopt information.
 AlgorithmStrategyObject ()
 Default Constructor.
virtual ~AlgorithmStrategyObject ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ipopt::ReferencedObject
 ReferencedObject ()
virtual ~ReferencedObject ()
Index ReferenceCount () const
void AddRef (const Referencer *referencer) const
void ReleaseRef (const Referencer *referencer) const

Private Attributes

SmartPtr< SchurDriverdriver_
bool do_boundcheck_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject
const JournalistJnlst () const
IpoptNLPIpNLP () const
IpoptDataIpData () const
IpoptCalculatedQuantitiesIpCq () const
bool HaveIpData () const

Detailed Description

This is the interface for the classes that perform the actual step.

Definition at line 20 of file SensStepCalc.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SensitivityStepCalculator()

Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator::SensitivityStepCalculator ( )

Definition at line 23 of file SensStepCalc.hpp.

◆ ~SensitivityStepCalculator()

virtual Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator::~SensitivityStepCalculator ( )

Definition at line 28 of file SensStepCalc.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ InitializeImpl()

virtual bool Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator::InitializeImpl ( const OptionsList options,
const std::string &  prefix 

Implementation of the initialization method that has to be overloaded by for each derived class.

Implements Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject.

Reimplemented in Ipopt::StdStepCalculator.

Definition at line 31 of file SensStepCalc.hpp.

◆ Do_Boundcheck()

bool Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator::Do_Boundcheck ( ) const

Definition at line 40 of file SensStepCalc.hpp.

◆ SetSchurDriver()

void Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator::SetSchurDriver ( SmartPtr< SchurDriver driver)

Definition at line 45 of file SensStepCalc.hpp.

◆ Driver()

SmartPtr< SchurDriver > Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator::Driver ( )

Definition at line 59 of file SensStepCalc.hpp.

◆ Step()

virtual bool Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator::Step ( DenseVector delta_u,
IteratesVector sol 
pure virtual

This is the main algorithmic function of this class.

It calculates a step using its SchurDriver, checks bounds, and returns it

Implemented in Ipopt::StdStepCalculator.

◆ GetSensitivityVector()

virtual SmartPtr< IteratesVector > Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator::GetSensitivityVector ( )
pure virtual

return the sensitivity vector

Implemented in Ipopt::StdStepCalculator.

Member Data Documentation

◆ driver_

SmartPtr<SchurDriver> Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator::driver_

Definition at line 79 of file SensStepCalc.hpp.

◆ do_boundcheck_

bool Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator::do_boundcheck_

Definition at line 80 of file SensStepCalc.hpp.

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