COIN-OR fetch, build, and install helper

This script works like a package manager to fetch, build, and install COIN-OR projects, along with their dependencies, from their respective git repositories. The projects are intalled in subdirectories at the same level as the coinbrew script, which fetches the source from GitHub, builds the code, and installs the binaries, libraries, and header files. It has many features that are yet to be documented. It can probably do what you need even if it is not mentioned here, so please feel free to ask questions!


THis script is a bash script and must be executed in a bash shell. Bash is available on all major platforms. See here for more detailed documentation on installing/using bash. Other requirements include the following commands.


coinbrew consists of a single bash script. To use it, download the file with, e.g.,


to your system and make sure that it is executable (chmod u+x coinbrew).

Usage: Interactive mode

If you run coinbrew without arguments, you will be guided through the process of fetching and building interactively by prompts.

Usage: Batch mode

Fetch source of project

The fetch command serves several purposes. For projects that have yet to be cloned, it clones the project from Github. For existing projects, it checks out the appropriate version and gets any updates from Github. It is a good idea to fetch before building, even for previously fetched projects.

The following assumes the coinbrew script is in your executable path. If not, be sure to add the path to the executable in the commands below. To get the most recent sources for a project, along with all its depencencies, use

coinbrew fetch <ProjectName|URL@version>


coinbrew fetch Cbc                                    #get latest release
coinbrew fetch Cbc@2.10                               #get stable version 2.10
coinbrew fetch --ssh Cbc@2.10                         #get with ssh instead of https
coinbrew fetch #get fork
coinbrew fetch Cbc@master --skip-dependencies         #get project only

Note that this command can be run even if you have previously fetched another project with overlapping dependencies or a different version of the same project. You can even fetch two projects that require different versions of a common dependency. Each fetch command will automatically check out the appropriate versions of all dependent projects, although this may fail if any of these projects have uncommitted local changes.

Build and install project from source

To build a project that has already been fetched with the existing versions of all dependent projects that are already checked out, do

coinbrew build <ProjectName> <coinbrew_options> <configure_options>


coinbrew build Cbc --tests none --enable-debug --prefix=/usr/local 
coinbrew build Cbc --verbosity 2 --parallel-jobs 4 --build-dir build-cbc -p
coinbrew build Cbc ADD_CXXFLAGS=-DFOO --prefix=/usr/local 

The build artifacts for each project will be generated in the build directory by default (a different directory can be specified with --build-dir or -b). Installation is done automatically at build time to abother installation directory, specified with --prefix or -p (dist/ by default). If you specify -p (after specifying a build directory) but provide no install directory, installation will be done to the build directory (convenient if you have multiple build directories).

coinbrew build Cbc --build-dir build-cbc -p

If the install directory is not writable, the install command must be invoked via sudo and the user will be prompted for sudo authorization. This is only done once just after launching the script so that the install can be done unattended from then on.

It is not necessary to fetch a project before building it. This will be done automatically if the project does not exist. If the project does exist, however, the fetch will not be done automatically. If it is desired to do an update of the project source before building, this can be done with

coinbrew fetch build Cbc@master --tests main --enable-debug --prefix=/usr/local

Any option valid for a project’s configure script can be specified as arguments to coinbrew and will be passed through. To see what arguments are available for configuration, do

coinbrew Cbc --configure-help


To get help, do

coinbrew --help

The output is preproduced here for convenience.

Usage: coinbrew <command> <name|URL@version> --option value ...
       Run without arguments for interactive mode


  fetch: Clone repos of project and dependencies
    options: --ssh checkout git projects using ssh protocol rather than https
             --skip,-s <'proj1 proj2'> skip listed projects
             --no-third-party don't fetch third party source (run getter-scripts)
             --skip-update skip updating projects that are already checked out (useful if you have local changes)
             --skip-dependencies don't fetch dependencies, only main project
             --latest-release Fetch latest releases of projects
             --time check out project and all dependencies at a time stamp
             --auto-stash stash changes before switching versions (experimental)

  build: Configure, build, test (optional), and install all projects
    options: --configure-help (print help on build configuration
             --xxx=yyy (will be passed through to configure)
             VAR=xxx (will be passed through to configure)
             --parallel-jobs,-j <n> build in parallel with maximum 'n' jobs (default: 1)
             --build-dir,-b </dir/to/build/in> where to build (default: /mnt/c/Users/tkral/Documents/Projects/CoinUtils/build)
             --tests,-t <all|main|none> which tests to do before install (default: all)
             --verbosity,-v <1-4> set verbosity level (default: 1)
             --reconfigure re-run configure
             --prefix,-p </dir/to/install> where to install (default: /mnt/c/Users/tkral/Documents/Projects/CoinUtils/dist)
             --skip-dependencies don't build dependencies, only main project
             --no-third-party don't build third party projects
             --static build static executables on Linux and OS X
             --download-binary <'proj1 proj2'> list of binary packages to download
             --platform <string> string specifying platform (required for binaries)

  install: Install all projects in location specified by prefix. This is done
           done automatically after build, so probably not useful in general.

  uninstall: Uninstall all projects

  download: Download project binaries (experimental, limited projects supported)
    options: --platform <string> string specifying platform (required for binaries)
             --prefix,-p </dir/to/install> where to install (default: /mnt/c/Users/tkral/Documents/Projects/CoinUtils/dist)

General options:
  --debug,-d Turn on debugging output (this should be the first option specified)
  --no-prompt,-n Suppress interactive prompts
  --help,-h Print help