SYMPHONY 5.6.19 User's Manual 0.1

T.K. Ralphs
M. Güzelsoy
A. Mahajan

PDF version available here

A revised version of Chapter 4 of this manual appears in the Springer-Verlag book
Computational Combinatorial Optimization edited by M. Jünger and D. Naddef.

©2000-2022 Ted Ralphs


Many thanks are due to Laci Ladányi who worked with me on the development of a very early precursor of SYMPHONY called COMPSys many years ago now and who taught me much of what I then knew about programming. Thanks are due also to Marta Esö, who wrote an early draft of this manual for what was then COMPSys. Since those early days, many of my Ph.D students have worked on SYMPHONY and made substantial contributions. Menal Güzelsoy was instrumental in the development of SYMPHONY since version 4.0 and Ashutosh Mahajan, who has worked on SYMPHONY since version 5.0. In particular, Ashutosh and Menal did all of the work that went into improving SYMPHONY for release 5.2. I would also like to thank Matthew Galati and Ondrej Medek, who contributed to the development of SYMPHONY over the years, as well as Anahita Hassanzadeh and Suresh Bolusani. Finally, my sincere appreciation goes to Leslie Trotter, William Cook, Cornell University, Rice University, Lehigh University, the National Science Foundation, and the state of Texas, all of whom have supported the development of SYMPHONY over the past almost three decades.