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@(@\newcommand{\W}[1]{ \; #1 \; } \newcommand{\R}[1]{ {\rm #1} } \newcommand{\B}[1]{ {\bf #1} } \newcommand{\D}[2]{ \frac{\partial #1}{\partial #2} } \newcommand{\DD}[3]{ \frac{\partial^2 #1}{\partial #2 \partial #3} } \newcommand{\Dpow}[2]{ \frac{\partial^{#1}}{\partial {#2}^{#1}} } \newcommand{\dpow}[2]{ \frac{ {\rm d}^{#1}}{{\rm d}\, {#2}^{#1}} }@)@ This is cppad-20221105 documentation. Here is a link to its current documentation .
CppAD Download, Test, and Install Instructions


Step 1: Download
Use the download instructions to obtain a copy or CppAD.

Step 2: Cmake
Use the cmake instructions to configure CppAD.

Step 3: Check
Use the cmake_check instructions to check the CppAD examples and tests.

Step 4: Installation
Use the command
    make install
to install CppAD. If you created nmake makefiles, you will have to use
    nmake install
see the generator option for the cmake command.

downloadDownload The CppAD Source Code
cmakeUsing CMake to Configure CppAD
cmake_checkChecking the CppAD Examples and Tests
pkgconfigCppAD pkg-config Files

Input File: omh/install/install.omh