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Including Adolc Examples and Tests

Adolc Home Page

CppAD includes examples and tests that can use the AD package Adolc. The includes speed comparison with other AD packages; see speed_adolc . It also includes examples that combine Adolc with CppAD; see
base_adolc.hpp Enable use of AD<Base> where Base is Adolc's adouble Type
mul_level_adolc.cpp Using Adolc with Multiple Levels of Taping: Example and Test
mul_level_adolc_ode.cpp Taylor's Ode Solver: A Multi-Level Adolc Example and Test

If Adolc is installed on your system, you can specify include_adolc=true on the cmake command line. The value of PKG_CONFIG_PATH must be such that the command
    pkg-config adolc --path --print-errors
finds the location of the file adolc.pc. Note that CppAD assumes adolc has been configured with its sparse matrix computations enabled; i.e, using
In other words ColPack is installed and with the same prefix as ACOL-C; see .

If you specify include_adolc on the cmake command line, you will be able to run the Adolc examples listed above by executing the following commands starting in the distribution directory :
    cd build/example
    make check_example
If you do this, you will see an indication that the examples mul_level_adolc and mul_level_adolc_ode have passed their correctness check.

Speed Tests
If you include adolc_prefix on the cmake command line, you will be able to run the Adolc speed correctness tests by executing the following commands starting in the distribution directory :
    cd build/speed/adolc
    make check_speed_adolc
After executing make check_speed_adolc, you can run a specific Adolc speed tests by executing the command ./speed_adolc; see speed_main for the meaning of the command line options to this program.

If you are using Unix, you may have to add adolc_prefix to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. For example, if you use the bash shell to run your programs, you could include
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
in your $HOME/.bashrc file.

If you are using Cygwin, you may have to add to following lines to the file .bashrc in your home directory:
    export PATH
in order for Adolc to run properly. If adolc_prefix begins with a disk specification, you must use the Cygwin format for the disk specification. For example, if d:/adolc_base is the proper directory, /cygdrive/d/adolc_base should be used for adolc_prefix .

If you are using Unix, you can download and install a copy of Adolc using . The corresponding install prefix is build/prefix.
Input File: omh/install/adolc.omh