CLP User’s Guide


Copyright: 2004 IBM Corporation

License: CLP and this documentation are provided under the terms of the Eclipse Public License (EPL). Any use, reproduction or distribution of the programs constitutes the recipient’s acceptance of the license. The EPL is approved by the Open Source Initiative. The Eclipse Foundation, the steward of the EPL, has an EPL FAQ available which is based on the Eclipse Foundation’s understanding of the EPL.

Welcome to CLP!

The COIN-OR Linear Program code or CLP is an open-source simplex solver written in C++. It is primarily meant to be used as a callable library, but a basic, stand-alone executable version is also available.

There are a number of resources available to help new CLP users get started. This document is designed to be used in conjunction with the files in the examples subdirectory of the main CLP directory. The Examples illustrate how to use CLP and may also serve as useful starting points for user projects. In the rare event that either this document or the available Doxygen content conflicts with the observed behavior of the source code, the comments in the Clp header files are the ultimate reference.


CLP is written in C++, so it is expected that users of CLP will be writing C++ programs which use CLP as a library. Thus a working knowledge of C++, including basic object-oriented programming terminology is assumed in this document. In addition, the user should be familiar with the fundamental concepts of Linear Programming.