Messages and codes passed by CBC are listed in the tables below. For a complete list, see Cbc/src/CbcMessages.cpp. The notation used is the same as for the printf in the C programming language.

There are several log levels. Setting the log level to be i produces the log messages for level i and all levels less than i.

CBC Messages Passed At Logging Level 0:

Code   Text and notes
3007   No integer variables - nothing to do

CBC Messages Passed At or Above Logging Level 1:

Code   Text and notes
1   Search completed - best objective %g, took %d iterations and %d nodes
3   Exiting on maximum nodes
4   Integer solution of %g found after %d iterations and %d nodes
5   Partial search - best objective %g (best possible %g), took %d iterations and %d nodes
6   The LP relaxation is infeasible or too expensive
9   Objective coefficients multiple of %g
10   After %d nodes, %d on tree, %g best solution, best possible %g
11   Exiting as integer gap of %g less than %g or %g%%
12   Integer solution of %g found by heuristic after %d iterations and %d nodes
13   At root node, %d cuts changed objective from %g to %g in %d passes
14   Cut generator %d (%s) - %d row cuts (%d active), %d column cuts %? in %g seconds - new frequency is %d
16   Integer solution of %g found by strong branching after %d iterations and %d nodes
17   %d solved, %d variables fixed, %d tightened
18   After tightenVubs, %d variables fixed, %d tightened
19   Exiting on maximum solutions
20   Exiting on maximum time
23   Cutoff set to %g - equivalent to best solution of %g
24   Integer solution of %g found by subtree after %d iterations and %d nodes
26   Setting priorities for objects %d to %d inclusive (out of %d)
3008   Strong branching is fixing too many variables, too expensively!

CBC Messages Passed At or Above Logging Level 2:

Code   Text and notes
15   Node %d Obj %g Unsat %d depth %d
21   On closer inspection node is infeasible
22   On closer inspection objective value of %g above cutoff of %g
23   Allowing solution, even though largest row infeasibility is %g

CBC Messages Passed At or Above Logging Level 3:

Code   Text and notes
7   Strong branching on %d (%d), down %g (%d) up %g (%d) value %g
25   %d cleanup iterations before strong branching